Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Riding Out the Storm

Today was a gift of shared writing by Welcome Church friends. Robin taught a wonderful class on Journal Writing and Lisa wrote the following piece to share on this blog.

Riding Out the Storm
   Story by Lisa 
October 28, 2012
She was sitting in the train station awaiting a storm. He came in passing through. He sat down, they talked. The guard of the station said they had to evacuate. There was a school quite a distance where they could go to ride out the storm. They walked for miles. Finally, they arrived and were partnered together to sleep, eat, and pass time until the storm was over.
The storm ended and he left, first out of frustration of being together for three days without the freedom to roam. She left continuing on with life. Later, they joined together. They had a lot of ups and downs dealing with their own issues in life; they parted.
They see each other in the circle they travel but have no conversation. One day they decided to speak in the presence of others during a church function in which they first met. Thus the next day she was walking down the street and he was walking around the corner. They bumped into each other. Surprised to see each other, they both had somewhere to go. They decided to join each other and together they went ???      THE END
                                                                                             May 15, 2013

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